4. Occupational Health Day

Occupational Health Day- 2015

Occupational Health Day was celebrated by AOHK on 4th July 2015 at API Bhavan, Bangalore during the AOHK annual Conference.

Occupational Health Day theme -- “OH: From statutory compliance to salutary performance …challenges and opportunities”

Dr. Sashikala Chandrasekar, President AOHK presided over the program.

IAOH President, Dr. G.V. Prabhu spoke on this year’s theme.

Occupational health physicians have to introspect and broaden their vision to gaze beyond statutes and make a mark as individuals, as a branch and at a national level in influencing stakeholders.

Basic priorities for OHS should include contributing to Primary prevention, Protection against workplace hazards, Work adaptation, Health promotion and Cure & Rehabilitation.

It is time to shift gears & move from Statutory Compliance to Salutary Performance!